|Ingredient|Sclerotium Gum


|Ingredient Attributes|plant source


|Ingredient Introduction|Growing on the roots of the plants, this fungus can produce a Membrane scleroglucan, which is a natural Capsule Glucan. The use of biotechnology to ionize the space can increase the water content of the cells to prevent cell water loss.


Ingredient Function

  • Repair and adjust skin texture
  • Achieve the effect of protecting the skin barrier.
  • resistant to ions, acids, alkalis, and more stable in the formulation.
  • Penetrating corneum Sclerotium makes the skin more transparent and moisturized.
  • With good moisturizing properties and smoothness, it can be used as a skin feel modifier for facial masks, essences, soap bases, and pure amino acid facial cleansers.

IngredientLaboratory grade UltraPure water


|Ingredient Attributes|Water phase system


Ingredient Function

  • Low concentration ion filtration system
  • Double reverse osmosis filtration system
  • 24hr UV sterilization
  • Daily ozone line disinfection
  • Weekly water quality monitoring